Ariana Ring Company is established in 1985 in Tabriz, under the name of Khayyami Trailer Manufacturer. The initial activity of the company was the design and production of road trailers and containers and along this, was the design and production of suspension systems for trailers including axles and hubs. The first contract to produce suspension systems for beam transporters was concluded in 1985, and it was just after design and production of these equipment that a new field of activity was opened to solve the problems of using one-piece tire rings in road and farming transporters and machinery.
After delivery of the orders of Tractor Manufacturing Company of Iran, Ariana Ring was determined to solve the problem of one-piece tire rings and took its first steps to design and manufacturing of three-piece tire rings. The company took the design and production of three-piece tire rings as its main plan in 1997 and started design and manufacturing of equipment and machinery needed for production of three-piece rings and the first sample of the ring was produced in 1998. Finally, the first series of three-piece tire rings of 14"*25"size were mass produced to be used on 86TDL backhoes, ordered by Industrial Machinery Company of Tractor Manufacturing Company of Iran.
Ariana Ring Company design and produce three-piece heavy tire rings for the first time in Iran in 2001 which is registered by number 27583 in Company Registration and Industrial Rights Office of Iran and is rewarded with the invention registration certificate of number 003600. With increasing orders, the company increases its production capacity by design and manufacturing of several machineries in production line of three-piece tire rings.
Design and sample production of three-piece tubeless tire rings, which is one of the achievements of R&D units, is done successfully in 2002 and after testing them on backhoes, function validity certificate is issued for it, then it received a honorary diploma from Inventors and Innovators Association of Iran. At the same time, by design and manufacturing of all required equipment and machineries of production line, it is transformed from semi-mechanical to mechanical one and results in quality of the products reaching the standards.
The development steps is climbed one by one and Ariana Ring is going on its activities as the best industrial unit in design and manufacturing technology of three-piece tire rings and its production line machineries. During these years, practicing the innovative ideas bring them several honorary diplomas and inventions registrations and one of the great honors of the company is receiving honorary PhD from Inventors and Innovators Association of Iran by Mrs. Simin Mohaggeg Oroumi, managing director of Ariana Ring Company. The company takes effective and significant steps to commercialization and competitiveness in international market by design and manufacturing of new instruments such as solar correlation instrument with registration number 36747 and compilation of its technical education and producing various kinds of three-piece rings for heavy road machineries.
The company gets to the first place in R&D groups of mechanic group in 20th Kharazmi International Festival in 2006.
With continuous and endless efforts of Ariana Ring Company staff, it elevates the quality of its products to such a level that in 2008 it succeeds in getting quality management system certificate (ISO 9001:2000) and Quality Reward from Hepco of Iran. From the beginning till now, we always have in mind developing and growing new ideas, manufacturing different and qualitative products to compete with western countries products, and economic products to compete with Chinese products. We consider introducing our products to the world more and more and prepare export development requirements.
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