Understanding its important role in ring manufacturing industry and alongside elevating quality level of its products Ariana Ring Company always tries to develop quality all over the company as a common belief to achieve the highest level of customer's satisfaction. So to give suitable response to customers demands in a disciplined, systematic way, the company takes quality management system ISO9001:2000 into the office and try to control all the processes exactly and continuously in the system by its specialist staff to deliver the final product to the customers according to up-to-date standards.
With establishing requirements of the standard, one of the most important documents is quality policy of the company, which is written and run in the company, and here is some parts of it:
1- Providing requirements of quality management system according to latest version of standard requirements
2- Complying with regulations and requirements relating to products.
3- Learning, innovation and continuous improvement in all processes.
4- Developing quality culture and presenting new products and services.
5- Trying to decrease the final price, preserving or increasing the quality.
6- Trying to continuously elevate the quality of the products and achieving up-to-date standards.
7- Preventing environmental issues and providing job security and giving efforts to decrease losses and hazards of working area.
The management is responsible to satisfy customers' demands and do their best to move ahead of these demands by developing their services.

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